First Empire’s underwriting services are rooted in our decades-long commitment to delivering value-added products and tailored services. With a national distribution network of diverse institutional investors, we are a valuable resource for institutions raising capital.


Brokered and Market-Linked CDs

First Empire can structure deals that can significantly drive down the cost of funding, and it has a dedicated balance sheet allowing depository customers to execute floating rate swaps against large notional take downs or to match funds against specific assets/group of assets.  

Additionally, First Empire’s syndicate trading desk, coupled with our proprietary distribution technology, has a unique pool of internalized liquidity capable of distributing CDs into thousands of U.S. institutions. This unique and large pool of liquidity gives our banking customers access to a vast and dependable source of low cost deposits.

First Empire can quickly establish a CD brokerage program with SIFMA convention documentation, and produce all the necessary legal disclosures to issue cheaper funding, including the issuance of structured or market-linked CDs.  

Corporate and Structured Notes

First Empire’s unique institutional relationships with credit unions, municipalities, insurance and trust companies, as well as private banks, broker-dealers and investment managers, presents a unique point of access for high-demand structured products.  

We can structure, underwrite and trade all types of wrappers, from banknotes to MTNs in registered and unregistered form, and link these products to all types of payoffs, from vanilla fixed or floating rate coupons to highly structured payoffs referencing stocks, indices and various other asset classes.

First Empire can provide clients with a deep knowledge on product construction, sound advice on accessing best in breed products, and support for all issuances with a robust and liquid secondary market.

Municipal Bond Underwriting

To provide access to the new issue market, First Empire Securities participates in a national competitive syndicate for municipal securities with ratings of A to AAA. The types of transactions include tax-exempt, taxable and bank qualified. 


In 2017, we have participated in 380 deals with a par value of $6.1 billion. Each prospective deal is extensively researched to ensure issuer compliance with disclosure undertakings for the preceding five years. 



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